Peter Lyon - President - pres@grotoncommunityclub.org
Donna Robinson - Vice President - vicepres@grotoncommunityclub.org
Diane Kreis - Secretary - secretary@grotoncommunityclub.org
Roberta Dana - Treasurer - treasurer@grotoncommunityclub.org

The Groton Community Club sponsors the annual chicken pie supper, Fall Foliage Festival parade, the town Christmas tree, library programs at the Groton Public Library, college scholarships to Groton's graduating seniors as well as other projects in the community as resources are available. Chicken Pie Supper Reservation Form...

The Community Club was originally a Parent/School club like a PTA. When the national PTA became an official organization and started requiring membership dues and adopted specific rules, the Groton group broke off and formed the Community Club to stay independent and flexible to their own school's needs. Today, through their fundraising, they still fund scholarships for Groton seniors going on to further education. The Fall Foiliage Festival is instrumental in the success of our scholarship program. Click the link for a brief history of the Fall Foliage festivals held in our area. Fall Foliage History
The Community Club generally meets on a Tuesday in May and a Tuesday in October at 7:30 in the Community Building kitchen or Upper Valley Grill. Announcements are posted in Town.
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Scholarship Program

The Groton Community Club conducts one fundraiser each year which is the Chicken Pie Supper held during the Groton Fall Foliage Festival. The Community Club, realizing the importance of continuing education and the associated cost, use the proceeds from this event to sponsor a $200 scholarship for Groton children graduating from Blue Mountain Union School. Each Spring, during Blue Mountain Union School's award ceremony, The Groton Community Club presents a scholarship certificate to Groton students which can be redeemed upon their enrollment in any continuing education program. For more information you may contact our Treasurer by email: treasurer@grotoncommunityclub.org

Community Support

The Groton Community Club has provided support for a number of small, yet important community projects over the years. When the club has resources remaining after we have met our financial obligations, we have purchased, new tables and chairs for the Community Building, curtains for the Community Building stage, storage area renovations and along with donations from community members, installed flag pole light and power supply at the intersection of Scott Highway and Powder Spring Road. The Community Club also provides an annual donation to the Groton Free Public Library which they use for their childrens activities. If any community member has a project to suggest, please let us know by emailing pres@grotoncommunityclub.org or vicepres@grotoncommunityclub.org

Lumberjack Breakfast / Chicken Pie Supper

Groton is one of six towns of the Northeast Kingdom which cordially invites you to visit at Fall Foliage time. Each town has its Festival day and the first Saturday in October is Groton's Fall Foliage Festival. A highlight of Groton's Fall Foliage Festival is the Lumberjack Breakfast at the Methodist Church from 7:30 to 10:00 am and the world famous Chicken Pie Supper at the Groton Community Building where servings start at 4:30 pm and serve every hour on the half hour until 7:30pm and of course, take outs are available.

Chicken pies are prepared by community volunteers in their own kitchens. Drivers are then sent out to collect the finished pies. Yet another group of volunteers are in the Community Building kitchen preparing all of the side dishes of vegetables, squash and the like. More volunteers are upstairs in the Community Building gym decorating and setting up tables and chairs. Groton's Fall Foliage Festival and Chicken Pie Supper is truely a community event. Chicken Pie Supper Reservation Form...

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